Graham Bartholomew

Photographer / Observer

Graham Batholomew

Graham has become one of the most sought-after Unit Photographers on international Motion Pictures and Network productions shot in South Africa. He is based in Cape Town and has worked around Southern Africa, Morocco, Mauritius and Saudi Arabia, and is of course happy to work beyond all borders

He began his photography career in the entertainment industry 10 years ago, working on television and small independent productions, and entered the arena of major Hollywood studio productions when a serendipitous opportunity came up to shoot a significant portion of Warner Bros.’ Tomb Raider, his hero image of Alicia Vikander earned recognition for him and since then he has taken on the important behind the camera role in capturing strong narrative images on further global productions, shooting prominent talent such as Academy Award® winners Matthew McConaughey, Jodie Foster, Anne Hathaway, Sir Ben Kingsley and Alicia Vikander, BAFTA winner Benedict Cumberbatch, Golden Globe nominee, Guy Pearce, and a series of A-list actors, such as Vin Diesel, one the world’s highest grossing actors. His most recent notable project is the epic motion picture, Desert Warrior – shot in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starring Anthony Mackie, the new Captain America in the Marvel Superhero Universe.

His motion picture credits include, The Mauritanian Academy Award® winner Kevin MacDonald’s (The Last King of Scotland); Bloodshot for one of Hollywood’s most prolific producers, Neal Moritz; Black Beauty released by Disney +.
Highlights in his vast body of work in Television Series includes; Apple+ Invasion season 2, HBO’s multiple nominated Prime Time Emmy, Warrior; the Neflix/BBC One co-production, Troy: Fall of a City; and an episode for each of the multiple award-winning series Black Mirror.