Photographer | Observer.

I’ve always loved photography, whether it was pouring over images from far flung places in old National Geographic magazines or lying head down devouring my Granddad’s old black and white images.

I was given my Dad’s Mamiya as a youngster and my happiest memories are of that time, camera in hand, capturing everything on our farm, from the livestock, landscapes, farmworkers and inevitable family portraits, or just experimenting with different techniques myself to create that ‘perfect shot’, I’d seen in my head and would then try to re-create. It was the idyllic environment to nurture an enthusiastic, budding young photographer.

Several years ago I was introduced to the world of motion picture photography.

With an intrinsic love of cinema, that started the first time I saw the opening credits of Star Wars and a growing interest in film production, it was an inevitable progression for me to move into this field of photography.

I am based in Cape Town and have worked around Southern Africa, Morocco, Mauritius, and am willing to travel.

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Unit Stills


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